Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner Review

Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner Review

If there’s one thing everyone knows about me, it’s how much I love Kylie Jenner. When Kylie Jenner dropped her first set of lip-kits, I was one of the few who snagged one before they sold out in seconds. When it came to Kylie Skin, I was a bit skeptical because how much does Kylie Jenner really know about skin? But either way, I knew I had to fork out some cash and get my hands on this bundle. The Kylie Skin bundle comes with six products: face wash, walnut scrub, toner, face moisturizer, vitamin C serum and eye cream. It cost $145 for the entire set which includes shipping and tax…..but is the bundle worth buying? My close friend Simran and I did a review of the entire set - our skins are very different so it was interesting to see how contrasting our opinions were for each of the products. I have combination skin, which makes it easier for me to test out both oily and dry products. Simran, on the other hand, has sensitive skin, she’s more prone to breakouts and acne when it comes to using new products. So without further ado, here are our first impressions of the products: 


1. Foaming Face Wash


Nehal: I usually don’t use foaming face washes so I was interested to see how this one was like, my initial reaction was it smelled really refreshing and clean, and applied light and airy. While it did feel good on my face, it won’t take off stubborn makeup or mascara. This product didn’t blow me away, it’s not good for a deep clean wash but something I can see myself using in the morning before work. 

Would I recommend it? No, I think I’ll stick to my Neutrogena face wash. 

Simran: I absolutely loved the face wash on my sensitive skin, it lathered very nicely all over the face with just one pump. I currently use the cetaphil foaming cleanser and this definitely beats it - I really liked the extra soapy and foamy texture, it made my face feel really soft. 

Would Simran recommend it? Yes! My favorite product from the bundle.

2. Walnut Face Scrub


Nehal: Oh the controversial walnut face scrub, the internet ripped Kylie a new one when she released this particular scrub because using walnut powder on the skin can cause micro tears. I previously used St. Ives apricot scrub and it never affected my skin negatively so the whole walnut powder thing didn’t alarm me. I loved Kylie’s walnut scrub, it made my skin so soft and bright just after one use. It’s definitely a once or twice a week thing, nothing more. 

Would I recommend it? Yes! It felt so good to gently exfoliate my face with this. 

Simran: When I first applied the walnut scrub to my face, I enjoyed how small the grains were compared to the St. Ives apricot scrub. It was definitely a more sandy texture and I could feel dead skin coming off my face. However, after washing, I did feel a mild burning sensation because my skin is sensitive.

Would Simran recommend it? No, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. 

3. Vanilla Milk Toner


Nehal: I’ve never been a big toner user but I loved how hydrating it made my face feel after the face wash. It added so much moisture back into my skin and you only need one dot. It’s great for taking off excess makeup that the face wash couldn’t clean and the delicious vanilla smell was an added bonus. 

Would I recommend it? Yes! It’s great for lightweight hydration during the summer. 

Simran: Normally I’m used to toner having a more liquid consistency, but this one was definitely milkier and thicker. I feel like I would have liked this toner a lot more if I had tried it on it’s own but after the face wash and the scrub, it felt really heavy. It did get the excess makeup off and I loved the smell. 

Would Simran recommend it? Yes, get the toner on it’s own, not with the bundle. 

4. Vitamin C Serum


Nehal: All the serums I’ve tried have a few things in common, they all have a slightly pungent smell and a liquidy consistency. Kylie’s serum has the trade-tell scent, but not as potent and the consistency isn’t as milky as the TrueSkin serum I use currently. I can’t make an opinion about this one because I’ll have to see in a couple weeks if it decreases my dark spots and brightens my skin.

Would I recommend it? If you don’t have a vitamin C serum you already use, then sure, try it out.  

Simran: I wasn’t a fan, it was too thick and it smelled weird. I don’t use serum as it is on my face so I don’t know what to look for in one either.

Would Simran recommend it? No. I don’t use serums. 

5. Face Moisturizer


Nehal: At first I wasn’t a fan of the moisturizer because I thought it was super thick but as I let it set in, it was super hydrating and the perfect base for applying makeup. My skin feels amazing! The only thing I wish it had was SPF, so I might have to mix it with my usual Aveeno. 

Would I recommend it? YES! 

Simran: I thought the moisturizer was too thick, again, it made my face feel really heavy, maybe because I’ve already used so much product but still, I like a lighter finish. 

Would Simran recommend it? Nope, too thick. 

6. Eye Cream


Nehal: I’ve been looking for a good eye cream so I was really excited to give this one a chance, I loved how refreshing it felt and the yellow color is supposed to help with brightening. The formula also has green tea and caffeine in it which is supposed to help you stay awake - excited to see how this one plays out in the next couple weeks.

Would I recommend it? Too early to make a recommendation but I do love the applicator and how it feels under my eyes. Stay tuned for under-eye bags review. 

Simran: This made my skin burn so much. 

Would Simran recommend it? Absolutely not. 

Overall Thoughts:

Nehal: The reason I bought Kylie Skin was because I don’t have a good skin care routine, I liked how the bundle came with a bunch of products that you could use routinely to keep your skin in good shape without having to go brand to brand finding “the best product.” The price was worth the bundle because each product is roughly $20, which isn’t that expensive. I’ll have to use the products for the next couple weeks to see how it affects my skin as a whole but overall, I was a fan of the Walnut Scrub, Toner and Eye Cream — if I could have bought those separately, I would have.

Simran: I was super excited to try out Nehal’s Kylie Skin set because I wasn’t sure which products were worth buying and which were not. I’m so glad I tried it out and didn’t spend money on the bundle because the only thing I would have bought was the face wash. Given my sensitive skin, I found a few of the products to burn and just wasn’t a fan of the consistency of others. 

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