5 Things to Leave Behind in 2017

5 Things to Leave Behind in 2017


If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that 2017 was a year like no other (take it how you will). For most people, New Years Eve is a time for rebirth and a chance to start anew, my thought process is, “ah shoot, I’ll try again this year.” But whatever mindset you’re in, there’s definitely a few things you want to leave behind in 2017 so you can hit that reset button. Here’s my list of 5 things that don’t belong in 2018: 

1. Toxic Friends

When bringing in the new year, be sure NOT to bring all your garbage with you. Leave these toxic individuals behind in 2017 because the people around you might be the reason you’re not living up to your full potential. The definition of “toxic” differs from person to person, but ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are they consistently putting you down/making you feel bad about yourself? 
  • Are they envious of your success? 
  • Is their character questionable? For instance, do they instigate drama for no reason? 
  • Do they not respect people’s time, money or energy? 
  • If you give an inch, do they take a mile? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to take those scissors out and cut that relationship. 

Don’t surround yourself with negative energy, it’s time for a clean slate and positive vibes from friends who actually adore you. Remember, the quality of your friends matters more than the quantity. 

2. The Guy Who Won’t Text You Back

“Why isn’t he texting me back?” 

“I literally texted him a question, why won’t he respond?” 

“What did I do wrong?” 

Have you asked yourself any of these questions and driven yourself crazy when waiting for a man to text you back? You’re probably wondering what to do next, casual double text? Accidental text? Call him? Let me stop you right there, you will do absolutely nothing. Seriously, nothing. Like hello, we’re in the 21st century, if a guy doesn’t have time to text you back, he is not worth a second of your time. A lot of times us ladies make excuses for men to justify their bad texting habits but if communication is important to you, then why would you want a man who sucks at it?

Ladies, everyone deserves to meet a guy who is going to pull out all the stops for her. So don’t settle in 2018. Because at the end of the day, there’s plenty of fish in the sea so don’t be trippin’ over a guppy — time to open up them fishing lines. 

3. Discounting The Small Wins

It’s normal for us to go into the new year with big dreams and high hopes of what we want to achieve (lol @ 2017), some people have a tendency to go “I’m going to revolutionize my life this year.” Let’s be real, that usually lasts about a week and then you’re done. So instead of shooting for the moon next year, let’s aim for the stars and celebrate all the achievements on the way (no matter big or small).   

One of the things I love about my friend group is that they always encourage each other to move forward and advance with their careers/dreams while celebrating all the small wins along the way. Maybe you’ve spent months trying to find a new job and are starting to feel discouraged but hey you finally got an interview. Instead of worrying about the outcome of the interview, get motivated — YOU JUST GOT AN INTERVIEW. DRINKS ON ME. 

Sweepers have a motto, “A Win is a Win,” which means that even the smallest prize is worth celebrating. Keep that mindset if you're ever feeling discouraged.

4. Failing to Follow Through

Much of the reason we hold ourselves back isn’t lack of will, talent or ability—it’s the lack of follow-through. Whether it’s making plans and flaking, setting goals and half-assing them or just straight giving up, it stops now. If you’ve made a commitment to yourself, a friend or a family members, 2018 is all about valuing those commitments and sticking to them. We’ve all been let down at one point or another because of someone’s inability to follow-through, so let’s respect each other and collectively work to be on top of our shi*t. 

5. Reacting to News Posted Online Without Knowing the Facts/Full Story

Fake News: Donald Trump is president (just kidding, I wish). But seriously, with all that’s happening politically, it’s important to educate yourself on what’s going on before you decide to launch in a full fledged Facebook discussion cussing out someone’s brother’s aunt. This doesn’t mean don’t voice your political opinion, I’m simply reiterating the importance of fact checking. Personally, I always reach out to a few of my guy friends who are politically well-educated and get the low down from them once a week so I stay informed. But sometimes you can do all the research and still be unsure of what's going on, and that's okay (currently my thoughts with the #KeatonStrong situation). 

So let’s get in that “New Year, New Me” mentality as we enter 2018 and leave all that petty stuff behind. Happy New Years! 

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