8 New Year's Resolutions To Make With Your Friends

8 New Year's Resolutions To Make With Your Friends

New Year, New Me! Cut the BS, new year, same you. Just another reminder that another year has passed and we have yet again failed to keep our resolutions. I can’t be the only one who promised to drink more water, work out more, cut toxic people out, treat myself better, and etc. I’m not saying this year was a complete failure, but we could have done better fam. But this year, I have a new approach: we’re all going to be a team, no more “me” resolutions; it’s time for “we” resolutions. This year I propose we make New Year resolutions with our friends so we can keep each other on track. And if we fail, at least we fail together. It’s like when you’ve been studying all night with your best friend for a test, and one of you passes and one of you fails — that hurts, cause didn’t we study the same amount? But when we both fail, the blow isn’t as bad, hey, let’s be sad about failing over drinks.

When you make resolutions together, it’s like having a support system. You do just about everything else with your friends, so why not share several resolutions? As much as personal resolutions for yourself mean something, you may have a better chance of keeping them if you know other people are sharing the dedication with you. So without further ado, here are some resolutions to give you and your friends some inspiration to kill it in 2019:

1. Plan An International Trip

It’s really hard to get a group together for an international trip, I’ve always wanted to get 5 or 6 of us to go but with everyone’s schedules and obligations, it’s just not possible. Pick that one place you’ve all wanted to go to and just book it - set that date in stone. You’ll probably keep putting it off, because you know you’ll eventually get there, but the time is now.

2. Forgive A Shared Enemy

Look, save the beef for burgers. Generally, in girl groups, if one person doesn’t like someone, neither does everyone else. But in 2019, it’s about letting go. Life is too short to deliberately dodge someone or talk smack about them. You don’t have to be buddy-buddy with this person, but it is time to move forward with a cleansed conscience.

3. Conquer a Fear, Together

My best friend is scared of heights and I just went bungee jumping with her. I can’t explain how cool it was to see her jump off the bridge (even though she was shaking). Make this year about pushing your friends to conquer a fear, but don’t push too hard. Scared of putting yourself out there? Make a pact with your friend about going on one date a month. Scared of needles? Check out a blood drive with your friend and donate some blood.

4. Stop Hooking Up With An Ex or Undeserving Person

Many of us have been caught in that limbo of going back to what feels good at the time, but really isn’t beneficial for us afterwards or in the long run. Whether this person is an ex or just someone taking you for granted (or two in one in some cases), it’s time to cut the cord ASAP. Your friends are there to help discourage you from going back, even though you’ve probably gone back a bunch of times. 2019 will be different, you deserve the world, girlfriend, so don’t think otherwise.

5. Monthly Check-In Nights

Work plus working out plus extra classes plus leisure time = no time for friends unless it’s the weekend. And on the weekends, everyone just wants to get hammered or spend time with their significant other. Every month friends should set aside some time for a dinner to check in on how everyone’s doing. Some of us are stressed out with school, others are stressed out with personal problems, and some need career advice. Whatever it is, make some time to see how your friends are really doing. 

6. Do That Thing You Talk About When You’re Drunk

Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about those drunk promises you make with your friends, whether it’s opening up a business or starting a vlogging channel, it’s time to get up off your asses and put that drunk talk to action. We don’t do these things because when we’re sober, we realize how much work it is. Time to put in the work, sweetheart! Nehal Tenany vlog coming soon?

7. Cut Back on A Shared Expense

Do you really need to spend $100 a week on clothes from Fashionnova? That was me talking to me.  Figure out what it is that you and your friends spend too much money on and vow to spend less. If you eat out too much, maybe cook dinner at a friend’s for once. Spend too much on clothes? How about having a day where you clean each other’s closet and donate or re-sell your clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Think of a creative way to still enjoy the activity, but at a lesser cost.

8. Assign A Resolution for Each Other

Think of this like a bet. Create a resolution for your friend, and if they fail to complete it, then they have to buy you dinner. Pick the resolution, pick the stakes, and boom, let’s call this the NY2019 GAME. My resolution should be writing two blogs a month consistently, so who am I buying dinner?

See all you beautiful people in 2019! DM or email me some of your resolutions for a chance to be featured on my Instagram: @nehaltenany

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