The Shadiest Celebrity Moments of 2017

The Shadiest Celebrity Moments of 2017


Bless up people, the new year is upon us in just a few weeks, that means it’s time to leave the bullshi*t behind in 2017 and start spreading #positivevibes. This year was an absolute mess with one shady thing happening after another — from Twitter wars to ex drama to music battles…2017 was entertaining…but catastrophic. Between me and you, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy checking tabloids every 5 seconds to get an update on my fave celebrity beef. BUT, it’s time to leave all of that behind and get in the “new year, new me” mentality. So for the last time in 2017, we’re calling out all the snakiest moments before casting them out of our minds forever. Because forreal, it’s time to move the eff on. 

6. Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

A five-year long feud that still hasn’t come to an end like come on. When “Swish Swish” originally came out, fans immediately knew the lyrics were taking an aim at Taylor Swift. People expected the “Swish Swish” video to be Perry’s “Bad Blood” — instead, fans were given a silly video that showcased Perry poking fun at herself. To me, it seemed as though Katy Perry knew her rebuttal was poorly executed and was trying to cover it up with a silly video and say “hey, this is all fun and games”. This act of shade makes it on the list even though it seems like Perry tried to backtrack on the shade. Swish Swish, another one in the basket? I think not.

5. Bella Hadid vs. Weeknd vs. Selena Gomez vs. Justin Bieber


Whatever this love triangle or love square is…I’ve been following it for way too long and am too invested to quit now. So let’s recap, Bella Hadid dated The Weeknd, they broke up and he started dating Selena Gomez. Bella Hadid stopped following Selena Gomez on Instagram and posted a few thirst traps (which I'm a huge advocate for). The Weeknd and Gomez then broke up and he unfollowed Selena and deleted all photos of the two of them on Instagram after photos of Bieber and Gomez kissing surfaced the web. And now, The Weeknd is seen leaving Bella Hadid's apartment (bootycall or nah?) OK FIRST OF ALL, Selena, chill, you guys broke up a few weeks ago and you’re already all up in the Biebs? But it’s ok girl, I feel you, can’t give up on the Biebs. #Jelena. But can we all just stop with the following and unfollowing and deleting shit? I think we're more mature now. 

4. Jay-Z vs. Kanye

If you’ve heard Jay-Z’s song from 4:44, “Kill Jay-Z” then you might be familiar with some of the very obvious Kanye directed lyrics:

"I know people backstab you, I feel bad too. But this 'f*ck everybody' attitude ain't natural. But you ain't the same, this ain't KumbaYe. But you got hurt because you did cool by 'Ye. You gave him 20 million without blinkin'. He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f*ck was he thinkin'? 'F*ckin' wrong with everybody?' is what you sayin'. But if everybody's crazy, you're the one that's insane."

This album came out after Kanye’s 20 minute rant/psychotic breakdown at his Pablo Tour in 2016. These lyrics got me shook, and though they do throw shade at Kanye, they are also imploring him to be better and evolve. Tbh, it looks like Jay-Z just wants Ye to get some help so they can be besties again. This kind of shade will work for me cause it's low key out of love.

3. Fifth Harmony vs Camilla Cabello

Did anyone catch fifth harmony metaphorically throw off Camilla Cabello off the stage during their 2017 VMAs performance? If not, watch it because it’s actually kind of funny but SHADE LEVEL 7.5 AT LEAST. They legit had a dancer stand in for Cabello who jumped off the back of the stage to symbolize Cabello leaving the group. Clearly a shoutout to Camillo to say HEY, look at us, we don’t need you to be successful. 

2. Taylor Swift vs Kimye & Reputation

Okay, if you’ve watched this video, you already know how much shade is thrown at Kimye—you can read the decoding of the music video here. Literally down to the last lyric and last visual of this music video, it’s an anthem screaming “F KIMYE FOR EXPOSING ME.” Like calm down girl, your world is not over, Donald Trump is president, I have no time for this. It's time to LET. IT. GO. 

But does she let it go? Nah, it’s not even just this song that throws shade, let’s just pile in the whole reputation album and call it a day. Miss Snake is shedding her skin. 

1. Rob Kardashian vs Blac Chyna


Can I start by saying that I’ve been trying to keep up with the damn Kardashians for so long and it’s becoming difficult. I was mind f*cked enough when I found out Kylie was dating Tyga who was Chyna’s ex husband who was also having a baby with Kylie’s brother, Rob… But anyways, the shadiest and most disgusting moment of 2017 was when Rob Kardashian illegally posted Chyna's revenge porn on Instagram and Twitter. I mean really, this was done with some serious malicious intent and now custody of his daughter, Dream Kardashian, could be up in the air. Shade level: 10. 

ALRIGHT EVERYONE that's enough shade, let’s leave all the snakes behind in 2017 and glow the f*ck up in 2018. 

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